Are you building your online audience in healthcare?

Doctor’s offices, healthcare startup ventures, online health publications, healthcare executives and your company…you all have something in common.

You need a targeted and engaged audience that is ready to pay for what you offer. 

Your online healthcare content should be an integrated part of your sales funnel and your brand strategy. It should be more than a stale blog or occasional industry newsletter. It should be a living, breathing, patient centered portal between you and your customers. 

Read some of my industry work…

Good health content marketing is all the same–it serves customers and is integrated into company strategy. Ineffective content though, is almost always a result of an organization not realizing the power of content marketing in healthcare and falls into three categories…

  • A dry collections of generic health-themed articles
  • No content, minimal content or ancient content (i.e. dead blogs)
  • A collection of internal updates more geared toward employees than customers or investors

Each of those is a problem. Your online content isn’t just something you “should” have or something you can work on later. It’s a part of your brand that actively speaks to customers and investors.

But a blog no one reads is no big deal, right? 

At very best it’s a missed opportunity. At worst, it tells patients, clients, investors and employees that you don’t know how to talk to patients or to your market. The healthcare industry is about changing the lives of people at very basic levels, and that means your technology, your groundbreaking product, your life-changing service–they aren’t enough.

With my help, you can create a content presence that conveys a vibrant company or individual voice that’s in touch with your health audience.

Every piece of content you produce should be designed to improve your customers’ health by connecting them with the products and services you have to offer.  

The good news is that no matter where you are now, after a short interview, I can get you started on a content presence that draws your readers in and keeps them thinking about you, even when health isn’t on their minds. Check out my services  and pricing to see what I can help you with. I offer…

  • Content strategy and creation of content that immediately connects your brand to the concept of health in the minds of your customers and is SEO and SMO ready.
  • Ghostwriting for busy executives
  • Article revision/editing, to prevent the loss of trust or attention…missteps that weigh heavier in healthcare
  • Long-term content plans to guide potential customers through a thought process tied to your brand 
  • Website or blog marketing audits to get you input from outside, experienced eyes as to whether your site is a wasted opportunity or an additional channel to drive revenue, awareness and a positive brand association
  • Bringing non-native content to native-English levels. Trust is imperative in our industry, and if you do not sound familiar, it’s infinitely more difficult to establish
  • Connection with established health communities and blogs

For a free high-level assessment contact me now, and I’ll get you started on changing the way you connect with your community.

~by Megan Williams


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